Tuesday, 7 May 2013


On the last Sunday evening, I took a train to Bungo-Kokubu (豊後国分) to look for the male Green Pheasant which I saw from the train window on the day I went to Tadewara. I arrived around 4PM and decided to take some walk around the area. Most of the area were covered with barley fields. There were many Zitting Cisticolas and Eurasian Skylarks singing in the sky. I later found the male Green Pheasant calling next to the railway and a bit of waiting I could get some photos of it while walking along the barley field before flushing away.

Male Green Pheasant

Probably a female Eurasian Skylark carrying food for the chicks

Eurasian Skylark

I somehow think its crest looks like a crown from this angle.

One of the many Oriental Turtle-Dove

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  1. Great rewards for your efforts, Ayuwat. Excellent lighting on the pheasant and beautiful pictures of the skylark and dove.