Wednesday, 11 September 2013

Yellow-bellied Fantail

Today I visited Doi Lang, one of the most popular birding sites in Chiang Mai. We started early in the morning from San Ju area but birds were extremely quiet despite the brilliant weather. We then moved on to the other side of the mountain where we came across several bird waves with many nice species. This male Yellow-bellied Fantail was one of the many seen joining the bird waves. Female would have black mask replaced with dull olive-brown.

Male Yellow-bellied Fantail

Fluffy ball

Suspicious look

As you can see, it is such a cute and colourful little bird and that's why I can never resist taking photos of it even though it is quite common. Recent taxonomical arrangement has moved it from the Fantail family to Fairy Flycatchers, a family including Canary Flycatchers, Fairy Flycatcher and Elminia flycatchers. I'm not sure whether we will have to call it a Yellow-bellied Fairy Flycatcher any soon or not.


  1. It's a very attractive bird, whatever we humans call it !

    This was a "Life Tick" for me in about 1990 at Doi Inthanon... so I have fond memories of birding northern Thailand !

    1. Glad to hear that you've visited Doi Inthanon..... And 1990 is the year that I was born!

  2. Great little bird no matter what family they put it in.............

  3. Superb shots. I bet it wasn't easy to get this active little fella.

  4. What a cute and expressive little bird. Wonderful pictures of it too. Congratulations. A job well done.