Thursday, 6 June 2013

More from Tadewara

So here's some more photos from Tadewara Marsh that I haven't posted. It's a pretty nice place for enjoying holidays. The marsh is filled with Chestnut-eared Bunting's songs as well as Zitting Cisticola's, Eurasian Skylark's and Green Pheasant's. The forest around the marsh is normally slightly less lively but some nice birds can still be found, especially the Japanese Thrush which is actually quite numerous but extremely difficult to photograph.

Japanese Primrose

Japanese Primrose

Marsh Marigold

Marsh Marigold

Grey Wagtail parent with a mouthful of food

Tiny spiderhunter

Singing male Meadow Bunting

Displaying Green Pheasant

Too bad it was extremely far away

The Green Pheasant was especially common around the marsh and their loud calls could be heard all day long. Too bad none of them came close to the board walk area, so I could only get some very distant shots showing their funny displays.

The abundant Red-billed Leiothrix

I just love the tail!

Common but extremely shy Japanese Thrush

Eurasian Nuthatch race S. e. amurensis

Unknown damselfly

Eurasian Jay race G. g. hiugaensis of Kyushu

Willow Tit

It has a slightly different impression from the Hokkaido's Marsh Tit, but I still can't quite figure out how.

Zitting Cisticola in breeding plumage

Monotropastrum humile

Singing Eurasian Skylark

View of the marsh towards Mt. Kuju


  1. Wow! Some great birds and a feast of colours. I'm really enjoying "Colour" this year. I feel I've lived without it for so long.

    1. Thanks, Russell! Winter sure made us forget the colours.

  2. A very fish-like tail on the Leiothrix, isn't it ?

    Splendid Meadow Bunting. Are there photoguides to Japanese plants and flowers.... the bird photoguides have been excellent for many years now...

    1. There are LOTS of good plant and flower guide books in Japan, even more than bird guides I believe! Haven't got one myself though, but I often see them at book stores.