Thursday, 23 May 2013

Painted-snipe Family

Last Saturday, I went out to Sekinoe and Furuichi area as usual. I first came across a pair of Greater Painted-snipes in an open field but couldn't get any decent photo because they decided to fly out too soon. Since it was quite an overcast and gloomy day, I guess that's why they were brave enough to come out to such an open area. Later at Furuichi, I spotted another male painted-snipe in its lay-low position as usual, but this time as I looked more closely, I found that there were actually 4 more tiny chicks lying beside it too!

Male Greater Painted-snipe with chicks

Aren't they just cute?

Even the chicks seemed to have mastered the patience skill. They just did exactly what the father was doing, sitting motionless hoping that I wouldn't notice them. I took some photos of them then walked out to observe them from the distance. They began to move again after few minutes and when I walked back to take some photos, they just immediately returned to the same lay-low position, so I took few more photos and left the area. Below are photos of the painted-snipes pair I found earlier at Sekinoe.

You might wonder what are those clumps?

They're Greater Painted-snipes!


  1. Yes they are very very cute.......

  2. This post must have been hiding amongst the greenery. How did I miss it? How did you photograph them? Amazing!

    1. Thanks, Russell! Photographing-wise, it was pretty easy since the birds would just stay like that no matter how close you get but the difficult part was to actually find them. I revisited the area twice but still couldn't find them again.