Sunday, 19 May 2013

Bull-headed Shrike

Yesterday afternoon I went out to Sekinoe area to check the painted-snipes. I came across a pair of male and female but couldn't get any decent shot of them. I wandered around the more forested area and spotted a pair of juvenile Bull-headed Shrikes. This species is always one of the first to nest and fledge around here.

Juvenile Bull-headed Shrike

Without grey back, it looks similar to the scarcer Brown Shrike

It was interesting to see the 2 juvenile shrikes chasing a larger Chinese Hwamei which was singing and feeding in the same area. As usual, it was extremely difficult to get a good photo of. I could at least get some OK-ish shots while it was singing in the dark. Thanks to all Photoshop developers, the processed images look way nicer than the originals.

Chinese Hwamei singing

Showing the streaks on its throat and breast

First time for me to see a juvenile Grey-capped Greenfinch


  1. Ayuwat, it does look very much like the Brown Shrike. I not sure if I will overlook this species should it ever decide to visit Malaysia. You can always count on PS to rescue some images - I certainly do.

    1. Thanks, Choy. The shrike is a winter visitor in Hong Kong and a vagrant in Vietnam, so I guess it's quite possible that it might turn up in Thailand or even Malaysia. Just keep checking the numerous Brown Shrikes!