Friday, 16 November 2012

Early Winter

Apologise for being away for a long time. Haven't been out birding ever since I came back to Japan, but I still have loads of photos that I took in Thailand though. Life was so different then, going out birding almost everyday and now I've got no time to go birding at all. Anyway, here's some photos of  waders I took at Cho Lae back in September. They are the first few migrant species that normally show up in Thailand, the Wood Sandpiper and Common Redshank.

An adult Common Redshank moulting into non-breeding plumage

A shy male Greater Painted-Snipe

Without noticing me sitting in the hide, it seemed pretty relaxed.

Even though not a migrant species, the Greater Painted-Snipe is always welcomed. Its elusive behaviour makes it so difficult to get a decent shot of. This time I was using a photographic hide, so the above male bird was confiding enough to show up relaxed and let me photograph it nicely. Being in a hide can make your day extremely productive or just simply a waste of time if no bird actually shows up, so it's pretty similar to buying lottery. Chances are you might get some really good photos of elusive birds so closely, or pack up the hide and drive home furiously after hours of nothing.

Wood Sandpiper moulting into non-breeding plumage

It was really curious about the hide.

It caught a lot of these fat yellowish worms.

Always cautious

A short video of the Wood Sandpiper while feeding and resting


  1. Great shots of the Painted-snipe. I know how difficult this species can be!

  2. Some great close ups there Ayuwat..........

  3. I certainly agree about working from a mobile hide.... you can get something really good, and often unexpected; or nothing at all ! Nice photos, as usual.

  4. Aren't all these guys so beautiful when viewed closely? Love the video too and they way he walks off. You must have rehearsed it?

  5. well that time spent in the hide did not seem like a waste at all ! Great pics of the painted snipe, i still have to see that bird in Japan. Maybe i should try a hide... ;-)