Friday, 6 April 2012

Off To The Mudflat

I have loads of pictures waiting to be posted but still haven't got the time to finish a post. I've been busy working on raptor illustration, finishing a graduate school application and learning how to drive. Oh, and not to forget, birding! I've been going out to my local patch every morning for almost a week now. It's been really productive. In fact, too productive that I still can't get myself around working on the photos I took. After coming back to Thailand, I finally finished my 2010 sketchbook. Last week, I took the time sewing, gluing and painting a cover for my new hand made sketchbook. Spoon-billed Sandpiper was the species that came into my mind while I was thinking of a cover bird. I painted the bird in its full breeding plumage, a plumage which I still haven't seen before. I'll be visiting a couple of places in the Gulf of Thailand in few days. Hopefully, I'll be able to find one of these spoonies in breeding plumage like I've already painted on my sketchbook cover.

A scanned version of my new sketchbook cover

Here's how it looks like


  1. Very tasteful indeed! And congratulations on the book deal!
    Regards, Øivind

  2. Very nice Ayuwat. Looking forward to see the book. Good luck with your dring lessons... hehe with Thailand's traffic condition you can have very good practice everyday.

  3. Lovely artwork as usual. Everyday seems to be a fine adventure for you. Sure beats sitting the days away at a desk with rain outside.

  4. I like the watch of this bird. He looks like he is having such a great determination เหมือนน้องต้นไงล่ะคะ :-D ขอให้เจอนกในแบบที่อยากเห็นแถวอ่าวไทยนะคะ

  5. Well it wasn't quite as colourful as that adult summer plumagebut maybe the next one? Put me down for a signed copy of the book.