Wednesday, 28 March 2012

A Breath of Hot Air

I still haven't finished posting photos of birds I took during the time before I came back to Thailand, but I'll just share these photos I took yesterday from my garden at home in Chiang Mai anyway. At least 2 Taiga Flycatchers (Ficedula albicilla) are currently residing in my house. One of them seems to prefer resting in a particular perch in the middle of the yard. It's very wary though, so I had to set up a hide and wait for it to come to that perch. Even with a hide, it's still not too easy since it was aware of the hide as well. But at least, I could finally get some decent shots of it.

Male Taiga Flycatcher in breeding plumage

Its signature pose!

It was just too hot staying inside the hide waiting for the bird. It's not even the hottest month of the year yet, which is, by the way, April (when we get 40+ degree during mid day!). After getting these shots, I quickly emerged out of the hide and felt relieved with a breath of fresh, yet still hot, air outside. Even though it was freakin' hot, I enjoyed the result of it a lot. It's my first time taking photos of this bird in its beautiful breeding plumage with DSLR. I took a few images with digiscope back in almost 10 years ago. It just looks so much better with DSLR.

It can probably join those Angry Birds


  1. The art of bird photography at its best. Man, these are beautiful. By the looks your DSLR is doing fine....are you sure it's not a 5D III? You do everything just right.

  2. Wow thanks a lot, Russell! I don't think I can afford 5D III for now, but I don't really have a problem with that. I took these photos with P mode and ISO200. I cropped the photos quite a lot this time as the bird is small, but with ISO200, the photos are still quite neat which is good enough for the internet. I think cropping really makes the photos look different and I guess that's what makes these photos look more pleasing to the eyes.

  3. Great bird to have around the house!

  4. Now who's the lucky one! Great shots.

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  6. Thanks a lot Stu and Choy!
    This bird is abundant in Thailand, so I'm not really lucky actually lol

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